Notes to broadcasters on open-pollinated seeds:

    | December 8, 2008

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    The relative advantages of hybrid and open-pollinated seeds have long been debated. Farmers continue to need information on this issue in order to make the best choices for their farms and families. The following FRW news stories investigate different sides of the debate:
    “Farmers, scientists encourage preservation of traditional crops” (Issue 33, August 2008)
    “Improved seeds improve livelihoods for women” (Issue#27, July 2008)

    This story describes one important benefit of using open-pollinated seeds – the ability to save seeds for use in the next growing season. The government of Zimbabwe is encouraging farmers to save seeds on their own and through community seed banks. For more information on starting a community seed bank, see the following Farm Radio International scripts series from package 56, published in June 2000:
    “Does your community need a seed bank”
    “Starting a community seed bank”
    “Collecting seeds for a community seed bank”
    “Storing seeds in a community seed bank”