Notes to broadcasters on markets

    | July 2, 2012

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    Farm Radio Weekly often carries stories on marketing because it is such an important element in farmers’ livelihoods. In this story, a farmer’s organization takes a bold step and sets up their own market. The government of the Comoros Islands allocated a building which the organization now administers. While this may not be an option in all communities, it is certainly food for thought.

    Here are some previous FRW stories related to marketing:

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    -Kenya: Bertha Ambundo: How one woman farmer inspired a community to improve their lives (#191, March 2012)

    -Congo: The ‘motorcycle-wheelbarrow’ prevents harvest loss (FRW 145, February 2011)

    Farm Radio International has published a number of scripts on marketing. You can browse scripts on small-scale enterprise – including marketing and related issues – at:

    This week’s story might make a good discussion or phone-in program. You could invite one or two guests, read the story and then pose some questions:

    -Would it be possible in your region for a farmer’s organization to set up their own market?

    -How would farmers go about this?

    -Would it work well in urban areas or is it best suited to rural areas?

    -What kinds of administration or policies would be needed?

    -What conditions in your area might contribute to the success of such a market? What conditions might act as challenges?