Notes to broadcasters on marketing

    | July 29, 2013

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    When farmers find a reliable and lucrative market, it is often a key incentive for them to increase production. This is rarely easy to find. But farmers in Cameroon have recently been given a new opportunity, with a temporary seasonal market.

    Wren Media created a Rural Radio Resource Pack on marketing for small-scale farmers. It includes 11 downloadable audio pieces, transcripts, technical information, and guidance on how to use the Resource Pack:

    The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) offers a series of case studies on four ways in which farmers can link to markets: farmer to trader, through a leading farmer, to a private company, and through a co-operative. You can find the case studies on FAO’s website at:

    Farm Radio International has published a number of scripts on marketing. You can browse scripts on small-scale enterprise – including marketing and related issues – at

    Farm Radio Weekly has published many stories on marketing. Here are a few:

    Congo-Brazzaville: Yvonne Nsayi: A rural entrepreneur who inspires her community (# 191, March 2012)

    Kenya: Bertha Ambundo: How one woman farmer inspired a community to improve their lives (#191, March 2012)

    Kenya: Women in Kisii succeed with banana processing (#185, January 2012)

    Marketing is a complicated subject, and it may be best to start with just one aspect – whether it’s linking farmers to markets, choosing which crops to grow depending on market conditions, how to do market research, or a different component of marketing.

    Or, you could invite farmers to respond to a phone-in program that asks them to share their main marketing problems. You could have a marketing expert in studio to respond to farmer questions.