Notes to broadcasters on local dairy:

    | October 6, 2008

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    For further information on this topic, see:
    -“Melamine milk crisis – Countries to ensure safe feeding for infants and increase vigilance,” a bulletin by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization:
    -“Researchers want local milk kept safe,” a story from Kenya’s The Nation on local threats to milk safety:

    The following Farm Radio International scripts provide information on keeping dairy cows and milk products healthy and safe:
    -“A mystery at the dairy: The importance of proper sanitation when working with animals,” (Package 63, Script 6, April 2002), set in Costa Rica
    -“A farmer practices zero grazing,” (Package 51, Script 3, February 1999)

    -This FRW article recalls the types of food contamination that were uncovered in Ghana earlier this year:
    -“Use of harmful food additives on the rise” (Issue #35, September 2008)
    -This article, from January 2008 (FRW Issue #7), describes early predictions that Kenya’s post-election violence would affect dairy production: