Notes to broadcasters on HIV testing

    | December 10, 2012

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    This article is the last of six original pieces produced by African journalists for Farm Radio Weekly to mark World AIDS Day. Through this series, we have highlighted the bravery of rural people choosing to get tested for HIV, the challenges faced by farmers who are HIV positive and the steps they have taken to succeed, and the role of radio in the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

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    -Comoros: A farmer is tested for HIV after a persuasive radio spot (by Ahmed Bacar, for Farm Radio Weekly, in Comoros)
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    -Malawi: Letina Gondwe adopts labour-saving conservation agriculture techniques to benefit her health (by Mark Ndipita, for Farm Radio Weekly, in Malawi)

    For more resources and ideas for radio programs on HIV and agriculture, see Farm Radio Weekly’s Notes to broadcasters on World AIDS Day: