Notes to broadcasters on guinea pigs:

    | March 1, 2010

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    In past editions of FRW, we have looked at African farmers who experiment with all sorts of “micro-livestock,” including rabbits, snails, butterflies, and even silk worms. Some alternative livestock, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, are reportedly easy to raise, compared to others that are difficult to control or highly vulnerable to disease.

    Still, for every kind of livestock, a specific set of skills is required to breed, rear, and maintain them in good health. You may wish to prepare a program or series of programs featuring one kind of alternative livestock that is raised in your area. Consider featuring successful farmers and other local experts who can explain what someone needs to know to successfully raise and market the livestock.

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    Farm Radio International has produced many scripts about raising livestock, large and small. Follow this link for scripts on topics such as feeding animals through the dry season, preventing and treating animal disease, and alternative livestock such as snails and bees: