Notes to broadcasters on group marketing:

    | December 15, 2008

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    The farmers of Uganda’s Moyo District, endeavouring to recover their incomes following a period of conflict, had a special motivation to work together to market their crops. But the methods they used to find the best market and sell in bulk may be useful for farmers in any area. As the Moyo farmers discovered, this approach can reduce the time it takes to sell a crop while increasing the sale price, thereby increasing profit.

    Do farmers in your area work together to obtain better market prices for their products? You may wish to find a farmers’ group and prepare a news story or arrange an on-air interview which profiles the group and their marketing efforts:

    -Who are the members of this group? Are they grouped by area, the type of crop they produce, etc?
    -When did they come together? What were individual farmers’ experiences with selling their crop prior to forming the group?
    -Ask the members to describe in detail the process they use to identify markets for their crops, gather them together, and sell them. Did they try other methods before determining that one method worked best?
    -How much extra income do farmers earn as a result of group marketing? What are the other benefits of working as a group (saving time, learning from each other, etc)?

    You may wish to revisit Farm Radio International’s script series on marketing agricultural products, “To Market, To Market,” which was published as part of Package 66 in March 2003:
    -“Episode 1: Trusting the trader: the importance of reliable information
    -“Episode 2: A glut in the market – how supply and demand affect prices
    -“Episode 3: Where to sell: making the best choice
    -“Episode 4: Marketing: calculating your costs
    -“Episode 5: Farmers’ helpers: radio and extension help farmers plan