Notes to broadcasters on farmland grabbing by foreign companies:

    | May 3, 2010

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    Malibya’s presence on 100,000 hectares of arable lands in Mali has displaced 57 farming families. And this number may grow. While the company says that it cares about the development of Africa and of Mali, displaced and non-compensated peasants think it only cares for Libya’s development. Moreover, the agreement the government signed with Malibya does not state clearly that the interests of Mali will be protected.

    Here are some articles that provide further information on Malibya’s activities in the Office du Niger region:

    -Office du Niger: Malibya s’installe pour améliorer la riziculture: (in French only)

    -An interview with Abdalilah Youssef, Director General of Malibya: (in French only)

    You may wish to investigate whether your national government has expressed interest in selling or leasing farmland to a foreign company or government. Questions to look at include:

    – Who are the potential buyers or lease holders?
    – What crops would be grown on the land?
    – What would happen to the crop? (For example, would it be exported in raw form? Would any portion of the crop be processed locally? Would part of the crop be sold locally?)
    – At what stage are the negotiations?
    – If an agreement has been reached or proposed, what are the proposed terms of the agreement?
    – What may happen to farmers or herders who live on or use the area?
    – Are there any proposed benefits to locals (such as new roads or employment opportunities)?
    – Are any groups advocating on behalf of locals in the negotiation process?

    Finally, to see a list of articles on Malibya’s activities in Mali, visit the following website: