Notes to broadcasters on farmers’ bank

    | June 29, 2009

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    The chance to save and borrow money can help farmers invest in their farming business or start another small business. As this week’s story illustrates, sometimes even microcredit agencies are not accessible to rural communities, but with a little effort and organization, rural people can start their own small banks.

    The following Farm Radio International scripts describe how to start a community bank and manage a loan:
    Women and credit – Part 1: Women learn about credit (Package 57, Script 3, October 2000)
    Women and credit – Part 2: Women start a revolving loan fund (Package 57, Script 4, October 2000)
    Women and credit – Part 3: Women set up a purchasing and marketing cooperative (Package 57, Script 5, October 2000)
    Banks open for small business (Package 49, Script 1, July 1998)
    Women start a loan fund (Package 49, Script 2, July 1998)
    Learning to Manage a Loan (Package 49, Script 2, July 1998)

    These stories from past issues of FRW show how farmers can put small loans to good use:
    “Liberia: Farmers rebuild agriculture sector against the odds” (FRW#9, February 2008)
    “Rwanda: Farmers boost profits with ‘coffee bikes’” (FRW#8, January 2008)