Notes to Broadcasters on Elephants:

    | December 3, 2007

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    This is another example of how simple solutions can resolve the biggest of problems – even the problem of roaming elephants averaging 5,000 kilograms each. If you want to see for yourself how buzzing bees can make these massive beasts flee, check out a video clip on this site:

    The last package of DCFRN scripts (Package 81) included four scripts that were developed at a scriptwriting workshop hosted by the Africa Rice Center (WARDA) in Benin earlier this year. Each of these scripts was designed to share information about a local agricultural innovation (A Local Plant Prevents Pest Damage to Stored Seeds; Powder of Little Pepper Protects Stored Rice; The Speaking Scarecrows; and New Technique Reduces Work Needed to Thin Millet; Package 81, Scripts 1-4, August 2007). When you hear about local innovations developed by farmers in your area, please share them with the FRW community by posting a comment to FRW’s online version or by e-mailing .