Notes to broadcasters on drought in Kenya

    | January 17, 2011

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    There has been a number of reports this week about a drought in northern Kenya. As this story shows, drought affects all aspects of lives and livelihoods. For pastoralists who follow the rains, the effects can be acute, necessitating emergency measures such as moving across borders. Broadcasters can  contact journalists or NGOs in the affected regions to get updates on the developing situation.

    Reporting in Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper:

    Livestock at risk as drought worsens, from IRIN:

    Recent stories published in Farm Radio Weekly on this topic include:

    East Africa: Pastoralists survive drought by adapting (FRW 110, May 2010)

    Spineless cacti have potential as dry season animal feed (FRW 123, August 2010)

    Kenya: Farmers use drought-resistant crops and improved access to water to adapt to climate change (FRW 114, June 2010)

    Farm Radio International has produced many scripts on water management. Browse through them here:

    If your radio station broadcasts to an area that is currently in crisis due to drought-related food shortages, here are two ways that you can support your community:

    1) Find out which local NGOs or humanitarian organizations are providing assistance in your area. Broadcast detailed information on how people can access this assistance.

    2) Seek out stories of communities or local organizations (such as farmers’ groups) that are working together to survive the drought. Find out what they have done to improve their food security, share resources, or other strategies, and share these stories to inspire others.