Notes to broadcasters on dairy production:

    | January 11, 2010

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    Dairy production is both a traditional agricultural practice, and one that some farmers are modernizing with new equipment and practices. It remains an important source of nutritious milk for farming families, as well as a potential source of family income.

    These stories from past issues of FRW look at how dairy farmers can work together to improve their income, and illustrate one reason why local milk production is increasingly valued:

    -“Ethiopia: Dairy co-ops turn extra milk into profit” (FRW #74, July 2009)
    -“Africa: Local milk promoted in wake of Chinese milk contamination” (FRW #39, October 2008):

    The following Farm Radio International scripts may be of interest to dairy farmers in your listening area:

    A farmer practices zero grazing (Package 51, Script 3, February 1999)
    A mystery at the dairy: The importance of proper sanitation when working with animals (Package 63, Script 6, April 2002)
    How to prevent and treat parasitic roundworms in cattle: advice from a veterinarian and a herder (Package 88, Script 2, July 2009)
    ‘Spray me, I’m itchy’: What moo really means (Package 88, Script 4, July 2009)

    For more scripts on livestock rearing practices, follow this link: