Notes to broadcasters on cassava for goats:

    | February 2, 2009

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    This story includes many interesting elements: an innovation inspired by something witnessed in everyday life; a type of “waste” being given a purpose; farmers earning new income from something that is readily available; and livestock farmers finding new food for their animals in their own backyard. Does one of these elements inspire you, or remind you of something happening in your own community? If so, perhaps this story can help you produce an interesting local news piece.

    We also suggest the following program ideas on how food scraps can be used (for example, as animal feed or for compost/fertilizer):
    -Host a call-in/text-in show in which listeners share ways they have put food scraps to use.
    -Prepare a news story about an innovative farmer who uses food scraps as feed.
    -Record a field interview with a farmer who offers a step-by-step guide on how to compost food scraps.
    -Invite farmers or other experts to an on-air discussion of the many uses of food scraps. Allow time for listeners to call in with any questions.

    These Farm Radio scripts provide more examples of alternative feed sources for livestock:
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    “Alternative feeds for poultry and pigs” (Package 51, Script 5, February 1999)
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    “Groundnut (peanut) hay is good feed in the dry season” (Package 34, Script 10, October 1994)
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