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Notes to broadcasters on bumper harvests:

While Zambia, Malawi and South Africa predict or have reported good harvests this year, many countries will not produce enough food.

A good website for keeping on top of production trends is USAID’s Famine Early Warning Systems Network: http://www.fews.net [1], which is in French and English.

Other useful websites include the Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) for food and agriculture, by FAO:
http://www.fao.org/giews/english/cpfs/index.htm [2]

You may wish to host a call-in show that asks farmers the following questions:
-How was their harvest this year compared to previous years? (If it’s not yet harvest time, do farmers expect a good harvest compared to previous years?)
-What prices do farmers expect to receive for their crops? Do they have strategies to increase their profit margin?
-What contributed to the good harvest, in their opinion?