Notes to broadcasters on banana bran:

    | December 7, 2009

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    There are so many examples of resourceful farmers and community groups taking something that is considered “waste” and turning it into something useful – and even profitable. Earlier this year, an FRW story looked at how farmers in Nigeria are transforming cassava scraps into goat feed: “Cassava ‘waste’ is good food for goats.” FRW stories have also explored how urban farmers in Kampala collect household scraps and transform them into compost: “Turning trash into treasure”; and how banana peels are being turned into an innovative fuel source: “Handmade banana briquettes could replace firewood.”

    We suggest the following program ideas to explore how people in your area may be putting food scraps, or other “water” products to good use:
    -Host a call-in/text-in show in which listeners share ways they have put food scraps to use.
    -Prepare a news story about an innovative farmer who uses food scraps as feed.
    -Record a field interview with a farmer who offers a step-by-step guide on how to compost food scraps.
    -Invite farmers or other experts to an on-air discussion of the many uses of food scraps. Allow time for listeners to call in with any questions.

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