Notes to broadcasters on agricultural co-operatives and youth

    | August 13, 2012

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    Farming has a poor image among young people in some countries. It is seen as hard work with little reward, and often has a lower social status than, for example, an office job. This poor image can contribute to youths migrating to urban areas, driven by the perception that jobs will be available in the city.

    But the world’s growing population will need to eat. So it is important that the next generation takes up farming. Furthermore, rural communities need the energy and labour of young people to thrive.

    At the following link, you can read a backgrounder on youth and agriculture in Africa. You will also find links to many other resources:

    You can read more news and updates on youth and agriculture at the Agriculture Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society website at

    In August 2011, we published a special edition to mark International Youth Day. Here, you can read more stories about young people succeeding in farming as a business:

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    This story may inspire you to seek out similar stories from your broadcast region. Through NGOs or youth groups, seek out young farmers who are learning from their elders and taking on the farm. Look for small enterprises or new businesses which add value to farm products and show initiative. Talk to these farmers and use their stories to inspire your younger listeners. You could even consider doing a regular spot on youth and farming, targeting the content, music, and style to a younger audience.