Notes to broadcasters: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and farmers

    | November 4, 2013

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    The article on which this story was based can be read through this link:

    Farm Radio Weekly published a story recently on a similar subject. Internet and other ICTs are valuable tools for farmers (FRW #262, September 2013) gives examples of how ICTs can be used as tools to improve farm businesses. You can revisit that story through this link: There are Notes to broadcasters on ICTs in African agriculture from the same issue, which are available here:

    Africa has the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. For people in rural areas, mobile banking is a great option. Notes to broadcasters on mobile phone banking (FRW #180, November 2011) can be read at this address:

    Farm Radio International has been using Short Message Services (SMS) in its work with farmers for several years. Read more about this work in the FRI blog, Radio 2.0: Using SMS to Enhance Radio at:

    The African Farm Radio Research Initiative report, The new age of radio: How ICTs are changing rural radio in Africa (2011) shows how effective radio can be when used in conjunction with new ICTs to engage and educate farmers on new ideas, practices and technologies. You can read the report here:

    Two Farm Radio International audio postcards which touch on this subject are available on the FRI website. What the beep? Interactive radio using mobile voting (June 2013: and Radio and ICT – a miracle in fighting poverty (September 2013: offer audio/photo presentations on how FRI works with farmers and broadcasters. To visit the entire catalogue of audio postcards, visit:

    If you want to learn how Farm Radio International can offer radio stations and agricultural organizations a way to communicate with small-scale farmers and support farmers’ efforts to innovate and create change, download Working with you to engage and inform farmers at this link: