More on World Radio Day: Stories from Burkina Faso and Zambia

    | February 20, 2012

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    This week, we continue our celebration of World Radio Day with two more stories exclusive to Farm Radio Weekly.

    Our first story comes from Burkina Faso, and highlights the mutual appreciation between Radio Vénégré and the station’s listeners’ club. The members of the club show their appreciation for the station by buying loyalty cards, which allow them to send personal messages during a special listeners’ club program.

    From Zambia, we hear from a farmer who appreciates many aspects of his local radio station’s programming: how it informs him of news developments in Zambia and abroad, how it boosts his family’s appreciation of their cultural heritage, and, most of all, how it helps his farming activities. In the light of recent concerns over decreased press freedom in the country, the farmer speaks out, saying that by shutting down journalists, the voices of the citizens like him are being shut down.

    Our third story introduces you to a Kenyan woman who has an unusual attitude towards weeds. Instead of uprooting them, she grows selected weeds and cooks them, or turns them into juice and sells the highly nutritious indigenous crops for a good profit.

    Don’t miss our Action section. This week, we announce the release of three reports that document the activities of Farm Radio International’s groundbreaking African Farm Radio Research Initiative. This three-year action research project showed how Participatory Radio Campaigns can lead significant numbers of farmers-listeners to adopt of beneficial farming practices.

    Until next week, happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team