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Microdosing and mushrooms!

We start this issue by sending a message of support to our broadcasting partners, staff and their families in Mali. We are thinking of you and hoping you are all safe during this difficult time of political unrest.

This week we present two stories about farmers who have tried something different and seen the benefits. It is not always easy to change our ways, and, for farmers especially, some encouragement is needed that the new method is worth the risk.

From Burkina Faso, we hear from farmers who have tried adding “microdoses” of chemical fertilizer to planting holes at planting time. They have seen huge increases in yields and are understandably happy. We also hear the other side of the story – one farmer did not have the means to try microdosing, and is now facing a food shortage.

Our second story is from Burundi where some coffee farmers are now growing mushrooms. They have quickly learned this new skill, and have formed groups to help with accessing information and markets. This new opportunity is a good alternative to relying on declining coffee yields from aged coffee bushes.

Our script of the week is chosen from our most recent script package. It focuses on compost making and is based on Farm Radio International’s Participatory Radio Campaign activities in Ghana.

-The Farm Radio Weekly team