Martin Mwape, farm radio producer and broadcaster, Breeze FM, Zambia

    | May 14, 2012

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    Karen Hampson from Farm Radio Weekly spoke to Martin Mwape recently. He told her that he finds Farm Radio Weekly useful because it inspires him when he is planning his farm radio program called “Weekend Special.” He often searches around for a similar story locally, and tends to use (or adapt) stories which have some relevance to his broadcast region. Breeze FM is a regional station in the Eastern Province of Zambia which has a range of 300 kilometres. Martin uses six to eight farmers’ stories per week, so he would be happy if Farm Radio Weekly produced more! He also told us:

    “I must confirm that I am a regular reader of Farm Radio Weekly. I find the stories good because I produce farm [radio] programs and … they assist me to pick up issues that I should address in my programs. I use some of the stories directly, though with some edits because of translation issues. The stories I remember using were from edition #191, ‘Celebrating Successful African rural Women,’ and ‘Fertilizer trees boost yields in Malawi’ [in] edition #186.”

    Read more about Breeze FM on their website You are welcome to connect with Martin Mwape on Barza!