International Women’s Day: Celebrating successful African rural women

    | March 5, 2012

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    March 8 is International Women’s Day, celebrated on this date since 1975. It is a day to honour the achievements of women and to remember the stories of those who have shared in the struggle for equality, justice, peace, and development.

    This week we bring you the stories of four remarkable women. Our first story comes from Congo-Brazzaville and follows the achievements of Ms. Yvonne Nsayi. In an isolated village, Ms. Nsayi responded to the need for fresh bread by re-opening a local bakery and turning it into a roaring success. On top of that, she bakes donuts for sale, is a farmer, and a mother of four. She is described as an inspiration for both men and women.

    Mrs. Beatrice Ambundo is a retired Kenyan teacher who turned her energies towards improving the lives of women in her community. She helped form several farming and catering groups, and taught members farming and cooking skills. The groups are now making a considerable profit by selling their services to other community members.

    Our last story comes from South Africa and profiles two women who achieved resounding success as farmers, after starting with very little.

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