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    | December 14, 2009

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    African Farm News in Review

    1. Denmark: Sustainable farming practices can mitigate climate change, advocates say (La Via Campesina, FAO, Globe and Mail)

    2. Liberia: ‘Lead mothers’ guide path to good child nutrition (IRIN)

    Upcoming Events

    December 20, 2009: Deadline to apply for course on strengthening local radios

    -December 21, 2009: Deadline to apply for cultural journalism course

    Radio Resource Bank

    -News sources for COP15

    Farm Radio Action

    -Farm Radio partners take part in media workshop on ‘farmers and the food crisis’ (IPS)

    -Farm Radio partners and subscribers share their experiences with climate change programming

    Farm Radio Script of the Week

    -Awareness of climate change: An issue pack