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In this week’s Farm Radio Weekly:

African Farm News in Review

1. Cameroon: Farmers face crop choice (by Lilianne Nyatcha, for Farm Radio Weekly, in Douala, Cameroon) [1]

2. Zambia: More farmers selecting cassava as the staple of choice (United Nations Intergrated Regional Information Service) [2]

3. Kenya: Medicinal crop cultivation generates income while saving forest (UN Integrated Regional Information Networks) [3]

Upcoming events

May 25-29, 2009: Seminar on essentials of broadcast [4]
May 23, 2009: Deadline to apply for Investigative Reporting Grant [5]

Radio Resource Bank

Live from Africa: A Handbook for African Radio Journalists [6]

Farm Radio Action

Farm Radio International at 4th Pan African AMARC conference in Côte d’Ivoire (By Blythe McKay, Farm Radio International’s Development Communication Coordinator) [7]

Farm Radio Script of the Week

Forest communities generate income while conserving their environment [8]