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In this week’s Farm Radio Weekly:

African Farm News in Review

1. Nigeria: Food poisonings a grim reminder to store beans and grains safely (Various Nigerian newspapers, UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, UN Food and Agriculture Organization) [1]

2. East Africa: Indigenous vegetables make a comeback (New Vision, New Agriculturalist) [2]

3. Sudan: Watermelons a sign of peace between farmers and herders (UN Integrated Regional Information Networks) [3]

Upcoming Events

July 14-18: International news course for francophone African journalists [4]

Radio Resource Bank

Harnessing new technologies for Farm Radio (by Mark Leclair, Farm Radio International intern) [5]

Farm Radio Action

FRW community members among the winners of continent-wide scriptwriting competition [6]

Farm Radio Script of the Week

Protect Stored Grain from Beetle Damage [7]