How telecentres benefit farmers

    | April 18, 2011

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    Information is power. Farmers in Tanzania who can access the information they need through telecentres would agree. Read how a telecentre in central Tanzania provides communication and information services that benefit farmers.

    Rice is a staple food in Madagascar. The upcoming harvest is much needed, given the recent cyclone and increasing levels of poverty. But farmers face a new threat – thieves who come in the night to strip the rice from their fields. Find out below how farmers are coping.

    With rising temperatures in recent years, the north of Burundi has seen increased rates of malaria. People who used to sell their bednets now realize their real value, and the recent spike in malaria cases is slowing.

    In our Farm Radio Action section, we announce a new Farm Radio International research initiative. We may be visiting a radio station near you! Look out for more details soon.

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team