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    | October 19, 2009

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    We are delighted that FRW’s service is spreading throughout the African continent, as evidenced by our long list of new subscribers this week. We welcome Wilgis Agossa, from the NGO Monde Uni pour le Développement in Bénin; Mireille Mumba N’gandwe, from the Association pour le devéloppement par le civisme in Cameroon; Hamed Jean Francois Toure, a food engineering technician, and Jean-Marie Gohi Tacka from La Voix du Kotrohou, both in Côte d’Ivoire; Solomon Abadi, from Voice of Tigray Radio in Ethiopia; Mar Knox, from the Rural Media Network in Ghana; Charles Omobude, from the Environmental Protection and Food Programme, and Abayomi Oloruntoba, from the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, both in Nigeria; Isaac Mubashankwaya, from the Institut Polytechnique de Byumba in Rwanda; Kory Bane, from Lac Rose Agri in Senegal; Cathrine Mashayamombe, a horticulturist from Zimbabwe and Ednah Karamagi, from the NGO Brodsi, in Uganda.

    We are also pleased to welcome seven new subscribers from the radio and print media in Mali. We thank our friends Modibo Coulibaly and Lamine Togola for telling our new Malian subscribers about FRW. Remember, if you are reading FRW online, subscribing is as easy as following this link: http://farmradio.org/english/partners/fr_weekly_subscribe.asp , and entering your contact information. Once you subscribe, you will automatically receive FRW in your e-mailbox every week.

    In this week’s news stories, we follow two issues of great importance to food security: farmland grabbing and cash cropping. Our first story comes from Tanzania, where we learn that public outcry has once again proven effective in halting attempted farmland grabs. Our second story turns to cotton-growing communities in Malawi. We learn that cotton farmers fear starvation because they have been unable to sell their crops. In the Notes to Broadcaster and Script of the Week sections, we follow up on this topic with story ideas and resources on the topics of crop choice and food security.

    Don’t miss the Radio Resource Bank entry for a comprehensive resource on starting and maintaining a community radio station. And for those who are working on entries for the Radio Scriptwriting Competition on Smallholder Farmer Innovation, turn to the Farm Radio Action section for a reminder of the deadline, the prizes you can win, and information on how to make your submission.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team