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    | May 17, 2010

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    We’d like to welcome some new subscribers to Farm Radio Weekly: Josphat Wachira, journalist with Voice of Africa, Kenya; Jefferson Massah, from Radio Gbarnga, Liberia; Edmond-Brice Douzima, from Douzima, Centreafrique and Adonis Phuati, from the NGO Talents Innovateurs du Congo, DRC.

    This week we bring you news stories from Namibia and Kenya. In Namibia, the Khwe people have been harvesting and using devil’s claw as a medicinal remedy for centuries. In the 1960s, pharmaceutical companies recognized its potential, but paid poor prices. Now, building on their knowledge of the area and skills in sustainable harvesting, the harvesters have obtained organic certification and have good links with exporters. Despite their success, they are facing low prices this year. We also bring you news from Kenya about an outbreak of aflatoxin in maize. The government has announced various steps to contain the outbreak and safeguard public health.

    In the Radio Resource Bank you will find a link to some interesting and useful radio dramas. The script this week is from the latest script package. It covers the story of Madam Amina Nabala Adam, from northern Ghana. When she hit hard times, Madam Amina remembered that her mother-in-law used to plant henna. She found and planted some henna seeds and now leads award-winning farmers’ groups. Inspiring indeed!

    Today, 17 May, is UN World Information Society Day. This celebrates societal changes brought about by the internet. As we’re sure the internet has helped you bring change to your communities, it is worth mentioning!

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team