| February 7, 2011

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    Greetings and welcome to this week’s new subscribers: Susan Macharia, from Sense International in Kenya; Frank Kibukamusoke from Tina Holdings Ltd in Uganda; Godwin Garpiya Gabriel from  ABU Zaria in Nigeria; Prosper Libande Atianga from Radio Communautaire Mabele, Pamoja Kambale from Radio Rurale de Kanyabayonga, and Rodrigue Batenaye all from DRC; and Georges Timotes, an agronomist from Haiti.

    Rising food prices have been in the news again recently. But how are small-scale farmers affected? In a story written especially for Farm Radio Weekly, we bring you the reaction of a farmer in Zambia.

    Teachers in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo are farming to supplement their income. But it is not always easy to find the time. In our second story this week, read how teachers in two regions have different approaches to ensuring that farm work gets done.

    The Bushmen of the Kalahari, in Botswana, have struggled in recent years to retain legal access to their ancestral lands. In a recent ruling, they were granted access to a traditional borehole from which they had been excluded by a previous judgment. With their water source secured, they can return to their land.

    We are delighted to present a new script this week, written exclusively for Farm Radio Weekly. A farmer from central Benin, Mr. Adjèxwé, describes his innovative method for storing yams. Because his yams last for up to ten months in storage, he can sell them when the market price is higher. His yams no longer rot in storage, and he earns enough to provide for his family.

    We are taking a one-week publishing break. We will be back on 22 February.

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    -The Farm Radio Weekly team