Happy World Water Day!

    | March 22, 2010

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    This week, we welcome many new subscribers to the FRW community: Eric Odago, from the George Odago Rescue Centre in Kenya; Elijah M. I. Gegra, from Culture Radio 104.5 in Sierra Leone; Celine Asonganyi, from the organization Azideriva, Henry Kejaug Atembeh, from Sweet FM Douala, Alexander Tatabong, from Lenale Ndem UNESCO Club, and Irene Zih, a freelance journalist, all from Cameroon; Ramazani Amisi Manye, Mahamudu Morisho, and Modeste Shabani Bin Sweni, from Radio Sauti Ya Mkaaji, and Jacques Famili Sumbu,from Jeune Résponsable et Espoir de Demain, all in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Sarah Apio and Jack Otim, from Radio APAC, and Thomas Apiru, Flavia Nalubowa, Gerald Adra, and Daniel Sevume, from the Nakaseke Community Multimedia Centre and Library/ Nakaseke Community Radio, all in Uganda.

    This week’s news stories touch on a variety of important topics. Our first comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where there has been an outbreak of konzo, a disease caused by eating poorly-processed cassava. Information on how rural families can protect themselves from the disease is contained within the story and elaborated upon within the Notes to Broadcasters. Our second story looks another critical health issue – that of maternal health. The story describes an awareness campaign that took place in Burkina Faso, but touches on issues of relevance in every country. Finally, our last story looks at how farmers in Cameroon are taking advantage of the growing snail meat market.

    In recognition of World Water Day, the remainder of this week’s edition focuses on water and sanitation issues. Our Upcoming Event describes an award for journalism about water, sanitation, and hygiene, and our Radio Resource Bank item is a great website for informative and entertaining resources on these topics. In Farm Radio Action, we offer a piece prepared by an FRW subscriber about the water issues in his community, and, in the Script of the Week section, we provide an issue pack that may help you prepare programming on water harvesting.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team