| July 5, 2010

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    We extend a special welcome to our new subscribers this week: Jonie Addo-Fening, Issac Money, Joseph Otoo, Hannah Larbi, Emmanuel Asamoah, all from Rite 90.1 FM, Ghana; Hadama Kouanda in Burkina Faso; Donald Duwani from Radio Goulou de Pô, Burkina Faso; Kamou Konaté from FEPPASI, Burkina Faso; Pascal Yonga in Cameroon and Souleymane Saddi Maâzou from Radio Alternative Espaces Citoyens in Zinder, Niger.

    Corporate social responsibility takes many forms. For a brewery in Zambia, it means paying attention to farmers’ production needs. In one story this week, we hear how farmers’ co-operatives in Zambia have received various forms of support to help them produce the quantity and quality of sorghum the brewery requires. The result is an affordable and locally-sourced beer. In the week that the United Nations celebrates International Day of Co-operatives, we hear how the brewery, the farmers and the consumers all benefit.

    In Uganda, a local NGO uses drama and song to raise awareness about climate change. This creative method of sharing information has inspired farmers to change and improve their farming practices.

    We also bring you news from the recent G8 meeting. In the current economic climate, advocacy and aid agencies are paying particular attention to the deliberations, to ensure that international development and aid are kept high on the agenda. Reactions to the outcomes of this meeting were mixed.

    In this week’s Farm Radio Action section, we ask all radio partners to fill in and return their “Broadcasting Partner Participation Agreement.” Scroll down for more details.

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