| March 7, 2011

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    To mark International Women’s Day, this issue of Farm Radio Weekly is devoted to women farmers.  We are pleased to present four new stories in which we hear what women farmers have to say − their hopes and their achievements, but also the difficulties they face.

    Sali Samaké, a farmer in Mali, learned to read when she was 30. Now, farmers depend on the rainfall data she collects for the National Meteorology Service.

    “Today’s woman should no longer cross her arms,” says Elise Elenga, from Pokola in the Congo. Read how she began farming cassava and is now a small trader, able to support her children in school.

    Women farmers in Zimbabwe explain the various challenges they face. Read how their farming ventures are disadvantaged by gender stereotypes and lack of access to resources such as loans and draught power.

    Finally, a newly formed women’s group in rural Zambia hopes that International Women’s Day will bring them opportunities to learn and network with their urban counterparts.

    We resume our series on seed ownership next week.

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team