| January 17, 2011

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    A very warm welcome to the new subscribers who joined the Farm Radio Weekly network this week: Amie Joof from FAMEDEV/Radio AVG in Senegal; Samuel Guindo from ICRISAT in Mali; Dan Anducate from Farmer Voice Radio in Kenya and John Nene from BBC in Kenya.

    In this week’s news, we hear how in Uganda, a recently opened composting plant is transforming rubbish into affordable organic compost. Farmers benefit and the town is cleaner!

    Rains have arrived in Zimbabwe. At times when water is rationed in Bulawayo, residents want to make the most of the water which falls freely from the sky. They are collecting the rain which runs off their roofs, and using it for a range of domestic purposes.

    Meanwhile, northern Kenya is experiencing a drought. Pastoralists are often the first to feel the effects when rains fail. Drought can affect all aspects of life; in this story we hear how pastoralist children have had to give up school until the rains return.    

    Don’t forget that all the news stories we bring you are edited so that you can read them directly on air.

    We send a message of support to subscribers, broadcasting partners and all those affected by the events in Ivory Coast. We hope there will soon be a peaceful end to the recent unrest.

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team