Goats provide new livelihood for former teacher

    | August 20, 2012

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    Our first story is from the Comoros Islands. It relates how, when Ali Hamza suddenly lost his job as a public school teacher, he decided to rear goats. With little support and only his own savings to start up the business, it was not easy. Read below how he and his wife have fared.

    Our second story takes us to Senegal, where cashew farmers are struggling to get good prices for their produce. Below you can find out which strategies the farmers are using – like processing, and forming co-operatives – in order to benefit more from this crop.

    Lastly, forest residents resettled from the Mau complex in Kenya have found it difficult to establish livelihoods. Bamboo is proving to be an answer for some. Residents are learning how to make various craft products with this fast-growing grass, earning an income while leaving the forest cover intact.

    Our resource section this week contains a link to a number of podcasts which broadcasters may find useful.

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