Fattening sheep project helps Ethiopian families

    | July 23, 2012

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    Our first story comes from the Ethiopian region of Oromiya, where a project is helping families fatten and market sheep. The project includes training on nutrition and veterinary care, and provides access to credit. Many families are seeing big improvements in their income and well-being.

    Our second story highlights the achievements of a village youth group in Guinea-Conakry. Motivated by the poor state of social services in the village, the young people banded together and used the profits from selling communally-grown crops to fund the construction of a health clinic, market, school and mosque.

    In our final story, another kind of group – a widow’s group – is providing support to Tanzanian women. The women have begun a number of farming projects. Profits are ploughed back into the projects. The widows often meet to cook meals together; thus, the group offers social and emotional support as well as increasing economic well-being.

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