Farmers refuse price limits during Ramadan

    | August 13, 2012

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    During the month of Ramadan, food is in high demand. In the Comoros Islands, the government has imposed price limits on food. This is an effort to provide relief for consumers, yet some farmers and traders say they are losing money as a result. Read more below.

    In our second story, we hear how young farmers in Senegal have found a way to make a living in their villages. By joining a co-operative, farmers like Pope Mokhtar Diallo no longer dream of moving to the city.

    Finally, farmers in West Africa are under threat from a swarm of locusts. Experts predict that environmental conditions are favourable for the swarms to grow. Read below what measures are being taken.

    Farm Radio International joined in Farmer’s Day celebrations in Arusha, northern Tanzania. We describe our week in the Action section below.

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