Farmers develop own irrigation methods

    | September 3, 2012

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    In this week’s first story, we highlight farmers from different countries in Africa who, tired of waiting for help to access water, have taken matters into their own hands. Read the inspiring stories of farmers who have created their own ponds, operate small-scale irrigation systems, or have benefitted from simple pumps. These stories come from a recently released report published by the International Water Management Institute, following a three-year study.

    Our second story is also related to access to water. Joachim Mouyala Mbemba’s yields were low but he could not afford a water pump to help water his vegetables. He found an institution that would offer him a small loan. He set up a small irrigation system and has since increased his yields and income.
    Coffee is one of the world’s most valuable commodities, but many coffee farmers are still much poorer than the people who drink their produce. Our third story explains why this is so, and examines some alternatives.

    In our Action section this week, you can read about some FRI and FRW staff who are going to extreme heights to raise money for farmers − in September a team of four will climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Please circulate this initiative among your networks and help us raise funds for farmers! Read more at:

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