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    | December 13, 2010

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    We are happy to welcome many more subscribers this week: Orou Mohamed Orou Goura from Fraternité FM in Benin; Arouna Togola from Radio Canal 2000 and Bakary Coulibaly from Radio Kayira Bamako in Mali; Sani Garba from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Kaduna in Nigeria and Abou Cedrick Fofana from the ONG Partages in Côte d’Ivoire.

    We also welcome more than 20 new subscribers from all over the world who signed up during the recent Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning in India. You can read more about Farm Radio International’s attendance at this event below.

    This week we are pleased to mark World AIDS day by presenting two more original stories. Farmers in Zimbabwe tell Farm Radio Weekly that they know about HIV and AIDS − but they know little of World AIDS Day. Some would like to be more involved in activities and participate in raising awareness.

    From Tanzania, we hear from a farmer who describes how he felt on discovering he was HIV-positive. But he did not sit back and wait to become ill. He decided to do something positive for his family.

    In the resource section we provide you with a website address where you will be able to view many of the presentations from AMARC’s 2009 Pan-African Conference.

    Finally, our script of the week is also on the topic of HIV and AIDS.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team