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    | January 24, 2011

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    Warm welcoming greetings to our newest subscribers who joined us this week: Abdullahi Isyaku Raba from Kano State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (KNARDA) in Nigeria and François Marais from Valley FM in South Africa. 
    Our two stories this week take a look at fertilizer subsidies in Malawi, and a labour-sharing arrangement for making compost in Mali. Both stories are written exclusively for Farm Radio Weekly.  

    Many farmers in Malawi have increased their yields since the government began subsidizing fertilizer and seeds. We hear from three farmers eligible for subsidies, who anticipate that their lives will  change for the better. Next week we will bring you a story of a Malawian farmer who did not qualify for the subsidy, yet also managed to increase his yields.

    In Mali, a group of farmers in a small village noticed that their yields were dropping every year. Read how they decided to work together to change this. They have now succeeded in improving soils and yields.

    In our Action section, we ask the broadcasters among you to tell us your stories. We start by asking you to tell us about
    the most interesting interview you did last year. Send us your stories at:  We will share a selection of the best of your experiences in Farm Radio Weekly.

    Take a look at the online tutorial for reporting on food crises, profiled in the Resource section. And don’t miss two interesting opportunities for journalists in our Event section this week. 

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team