Controversy surrounds Great Green Wall

    | May 2, 2011

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    Farmers in Senegal are seeing shrubs and trees planted near their fields. A project called the Great Green Wall is hoping to plant trees from Senegal to Djibouti to stop the desert from encroaching on farmland. But not all farmers fully understand why the trees are being planted and how the project will benefit them. Find out in this week’s Farm Radio Weekly what some Senegalese farmers say about the project.

    Tafara Fomba is a Malian farmer who grows crops such as cotton and groundnuts. But persistent droughts have pushed him to poultry farming to make ends meet. Find out how a local radio station made him widely known in his region as a chicken healer, and why he dreams of one day making his living through poultry farming alone.

    Finally, many of us have used SMS to send a message to a friend. But what if SMS could be used to get accurate market prices? Find out how a new mobile phone service in Kenya called M-Farm enables farmers to get real-time information about market prices across the country.

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