Best of Farm Radio Weekly

    | August 29, 2011

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    This week we republish four of our favourite stories from recent months. All the stories are written by freelance journalists attached to Farm Radio Weekly’s news bureau in either Burkina Faso or Malawi. These two news bureaus have been operating for nearly a year now and together have produced around 40 original stories first published in Farm Radio Weekly. The journalists talk to farmers and write stories which highlight their work, lives and concerns.

    We are impressed by the work the journalists (and the farmers) do. To reflect this we have chosen four stories we enjoyed reading, and which represent some of the variety that we look for in Farm Radio Weekly stories. There is a practical story about intercropping from Malawi. In another story, we hear reactions from farmers in Zambia to rising food prices. From Burkina Faso, farmers highlight the threats posed to organic cotton production. The story from Tanzania addresses two topics of great importance to Farm Radio Weekly: women, and land. This story describes one local initiative which helps women to secure their land rights.

    We are taking a publishing break next week. We will be back September 12. For everyone who celebrates this week, Happy Eid al-Fitr!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team