Barza broadcasters’ networking site launched!

    | November 7, 2011

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    The big news this week is that we are launching Barza, our new networking site for African radio broadcasters. Visit and sign up at: You can read more details below in the Farm Radio Action section. We look forward to welcoming you!

    Farmers in Burkina Faso are already worrying about poor harvests and potential food shortages this season. Read more from our writer below.

    Good nutrition is not only about eating enough − it is about eating well. Communities in DR Congo have been learning how to prepare balanced meals. They are discovering that there is more to avoiding malnutrition than filling bellies.

    The United Nations recently announced that the global population has reached seven billion. The implications have been much discussed in the media. Below, we take a brief look at what this means for farmers, and the millions who go to bed hungry every day.

    -The Farm Radio Weekly team