AIDS support group gives positive people a new lease on life!

    | July 25, 2011

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    Two of our news stories this week concern health, so we have chosen a script of the week to complement them. This script is part of the recent script package on healthy communities, and is therefore a prizewinner. It was written by Filius Chalo Jere, from Breeze FM in Chipata, Zambia.

    The script dramatizes how, in some areas of Zambia, HIV-positive people have come together and formed support groups to ease the burden of living with HIV and AIDS. Volunteers visit the more seriously afflicted group members to clean their homes, wash their clothes and encourage them to take antiretroviral drugs according to a doctor’s prescription. The support group featured in the script is also promoting good nutrition among its members by encouraging them to grow the soybeans which are then processed into high energy protein supplements for group members.

    Read the full script here.