Hello to all!

    | December 24, 2007

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    We are pleased to bring you Issue 4 of Farm Radio Weekly. Over the past week, we have received great feedback from many of you, and were excited to hear that this new service is supporting your work to inform and entertain your listeners.

    Matojo Tiguragara, the station manager for Radio West in Mbarara, Uganda (Radio West…Radio Best!) told us “We have used Locust invasion stories in Kenya and others. Radio West is happy for your effort.” We also heard from Bernard Mukesi from DATIC (District Agricultural Training and Information Centers) in Uganda, who said: “In the coming days we shall be using your stories in our programs and we’re to be regular contributors of stories to the new service of DCFRN to better the needs of our people.”

    Your feedback is extremely important to us, because it helps us learn which news stories and information pieces are most relevant to you and your listeners! We invite you to share your thoughts with the FRW community by posting a comment on the FRW website (http://weekly.farmradio.org/) — to post a comment, click on the links below each section that say “No Comments” or “1 Comment”, etc. We also welcome e-mails directly to us at farmradioweekly@farmradio.org. Another simple way to tell us what you think is to take our poll on the FRW website. The current poll asks: Which issues related to agriculture and climate change interest your listeners the most?

    We know that many will be celebrating Christmas today, and we wish a Merry Christmas to all who mark this holiday! This is also the beginning of a holiday for our staff, and so there will be no issue of Farm Radio Weekly next week. You will find Issue 5 of Farm Radio Weekly in your mailboxes on January 8.

    We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to continuing to work with you in 2008! Happy New Year!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team