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    | April 20, 2009

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    This week we welcome newest subscribers Sarah Grant, from Engineers Without Borders in Ghana; George Wambiya, from the Kenya Red Cross Society; N’Tossama Diarra, from the NGO AJE-Mali; Oskwuaku Afamefuna, from FACOGROUP in Nigeria; and Suleiman Matojo, from Radio West in Uganda. We hope you enjoy this week’s FRW and welcome your feedback at any time.

    South Africa will hold its presidential election on Wednesday, April 22. Our top news story shows how women farm workers used the occasion to draw attention to the inequalities they face. Our second news story comes from Uganda, where farmers have been battling banana bacterial wilt and bunchy top virus. You’ll find out how a cell phone can hold the key to stopping these diseases.

    Scrolling down to our Upcoming Events section, you’ll find information on award opportunities. This week’s Radio Resource Bank provides information on an exciting new way to connect online with other community media organizations.

    As a final note, we apologize for FRW looking a little different this week. We are working through some technical difficulties that prevent us from publishing in our familiar format.

    Happy reading!

    -The FRW Team