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    | March 30, 2009

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    We are especially pleased to welcome our newest subscribers from across Africa: Nga Etoga Nestor, from Radio Chine Internationale in Cameroon; Meghan Dear, from Engineers Without Borders in Ghana; Kola Akosile, from Transafrica Financial Services in Nigeria; Lilian Manyuka, from Radio Maria in Tanzania; and Ssagala Habil from Masaka Farms in Uganda.
    We hope you enjoy this week’s first news story from Sierra Leone, which proves that diamonds are not the only “treasure” worth digging for. The gems that fueled Sierra Leone’s civil war are no longer plentiful, and former miners are now turning to the earth to grow food.

    Our second story looks at a new partnership between the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in West and Central African and the African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development. The partnership promises to bring more local weather reports to rural communities. Does your radio station provide local weather reports? If so, please tell us about it by posting a comment on the Farm Radio Weekly website, or by e-mailing FRW Editor Heather Miller at hmiller@farmradio.org. We would love to hear about your programming and how it supports farmers in your listening audience.

    Finally, our third story offers an important warning to farmers about dealers who sell fake hybrid seeds. This story from Uganda includes tips for farmers on how to ensure that the seeds they buy are genuine.

    And don’t miss our Script of the Week section, which offers a tribute to an indigenous and endangered crop, the frafra potato. The author is a community radio producer who loved to eat the frafra potato as a child, and now returns to her hometown to interview those who are working to restore the crop.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team