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    | December 10, 2007

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    We are very pleased to bring you Issue 2 of Farm Radio Weekly! We are thrilled that more and more people are signing up for this new service of the Developing Countries Farm Radio Network. We extend a very big thank you to our good friend and partner Modibo Coulibaly in Mali for signing up more than 120 Farm Radio Weekly subscribers at a recent radio festival! If you know of others who may be interested in Farm Radio Weekly, please tell them about us. We welcome all radio organizations and individuals who are interested in the information we share, to sign up for a free subscription.

    Last week, as world leaders were meeting at a UN conference to decide what they will do about climate change, Farm Radio Weekly staff had a special opportunity to learn how farmers in different parts of Africa are coping with this phenomenon. Experts from Kenya, Mali, and Malawi described some of the changing weather conditions that farmers are facing – rainy seasons that no longer start when they used to, rising temperatures that make soil more difficult to cultivate, and floods in areas where there never used to be floods. They also told us some wonderful stories of farmers working together to share knowledge and seeds in order to make crops grow in these new conditions. We pass on these stories in a news article below.

    Other news stories that we bring you this week show other sides of climate change – from a new method to rehabilitate dried up pasturelands, to a weed that thrives on warmer temperatures. We also wanted to keep you updated on two food security threats and how they are being managed – Desert Locusts in Kenya (and beyond) and Rift Valley Fever in Sudan.

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    We hope you enjoy this issue of Farm Radio Weekly and look forward to reading your comments!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team