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Hello to all!

This week, we extend a warm welcome to our newest subscribers from around Africa: from Benin, Félix Houinsou of Radio Immaculée Conception; from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Saiba Nzanzu Tony of Groupe d’Appui aux Initiatives de Developpement Durable and independent journalist Wibyala Norbert; from Madagascar, Christi Turner of Radio Meva Ankarana; and, from Uganda, Matua Asumi Alexis from the community organization TUALU.

As our regular readers know, we have been busy processing the results of an FRW survey that was sent to all subscribers in August. One of the survey questions asked “Which FRW story has been your favourite so far and why?” Gatien Roger Kouam Netcha from Cercle International pour la Promotion de la Création in Cameroon told us: “My favourite story, I believe, was the news story regarding rice production in Uganda. Because my country is facing the same situation and needs the experiences of other African countries to boost production and develop the local market.” This story, entitled “Imported rice levies encourage local production,” was produced by FRW correspondent Joshua Kyalimpa and first appeared in Issue #24. It is re-printed in this issue for your renewed reading enjoyment.

We also know from our survey that you, our subscribers, are very interested in soil fertility and practical farming methods that can improve yields and incomes. This week, we have a story that we believe meets both of these criteria. We look at a new practice called “micro-dosing,” which involves the placement of very small quantities of fertilizer near individual seeds or seedlings. This practice, developed by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, has been shown to boost crop production by up to 120 per cent in Sahelian countries, and has also been successfully used by farmers in parts of southern Africa.

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Happy reading!

-The Farm Radio Weekly Team