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Hello to all!

Welcome to Issue 7 of Farm Radio Weekly. We are pleased to bring you another news and information package that reflects both the complex challenges of farming in Africa and the innovative spirit of African farmers.

This week we begin our four-part series on conflict and food with a story about how violence in Kenya is affecting food production. In the coming weeks, we will bring you three more stories highlighting ways farmers cope when conflict happens, and how they work to restore food production when violence subsides. As this series continues, we will also bring you resources to help your radio organization promote peace, and provide useful information to rural communities in conflict situations.

We also have news stories about farmers dealing with very different types of change. This week, we bring you another special report from our correspondent in Dakar, Idy Sy Diop, who looked at how farmers in Mali are responding to a massive campaign promoting biofuel plants. We also have a story about farmers going high-tech – using cell phones to get weather reports and sell produce.

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Happy reading!

-The Farm Radio Weekly Team