| August 10, 2009

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    Greetings to all!

    We welcome all of our readers, especially our newest subscribers: Guy Fabrice Epea, from penja c=, a farmers’ organization in Cameroon; Benson Ndungu, from Brown Dolphin Inv. Co. Ltd in Kenya; Christian Duigou, from AGRI*MAD, a farmers’ organization in Madagascar; Lawrent Pungulani, from the Chitedze Research Station in Malawi; Matthew Adebare, from Matt Ventures in Nigeria; Beals Photo, from the Oil Producing States Farmers Association of Nigeria; Kisembo Debbie Abwoli, from Kasese Guide Radio in Uganda; and Edward Chelangat, from the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.

    This week’s issue offers two stories about rural women. Though they play an absolutely vital role in providing for the needs of their families and communities, rural women continue to face many forms of discrimination. This week’s stories look at both sides of this equation. Our first story is from northern Swaziland, where women were tired of waiting for the government to deliver rural development programs. They began an income generating co-operative and have planned for rural development initiatives worth 200,000 American dollars (140,000 Euros) for this year alone. Our second story turns to Kenya, where Parliament is considering changes to land laws. Proposed changes would do away with elements of customary and colonial law that kept property out women’s hands.

    In the Farm Radio Action section, we provide links to Farm Radio International’s latest script package. This package focuses on livestock health, with scripts that offer ways to prevent and treat common diseases. (You’ll find links to more information on livestock health in the Radio Resource Bank.) The new package also includes scripts on environmental themes, as well as scripts about producing rice. Look to the Script of the Week for one of the rice scripts, featuring Dr. Rice Panicle.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team