December 17, 2018

Featured Farmer Stories


Malawi: Disease forces farmers to uproot banana plants

To Agnes Dzenje, banana is more than just a fruit. It has been supporting her since childhood. But things have completely changed. […]


Ghana: Farmers begin protecting trees after land degradation affects yield (IPS)

In the scorching Upper East Region of Ghana, the dry seasons are long and, for kilometres, there is nothing but barren, dry […]


Mangoes: Production and post-harvest

Mangoes are nutritious and delicious, but they also spoil quickly. Here is a collection of resources about producing mangoes, and also about […]


African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program 2019

The African ChangeMakers Fellowship program trains and empowers committed African visionaries to ignite positive changes in their communities, across the continent, and […]


Lessons learnt on using ICTs to scale agricultural innovations

Despite the well-documented advantages of agricultural innovations, there are significant hurdles for farmers to adopt them, such as: lack of information reaching […]

Using ICTs to get innovations into the hands of farmers

Millions of smallholder farmers in remote areas do not have access to information that will help them with their farming needs. They […]

Scanning the airwaves closes health service gaps for people living with HIV

Many low-income Ugandans living in rural and hard-to-reach areas lack access to basic health information and services. This means most people may […]