Featured Farmer Stories


Tanzania: Farmers start growing cassava as a cash crop because of high demand

It’s evening, but Joram Mikanda is still in his field, checking to see if his cassava has matured enough to sell. Mr. […]


Kenya: Farmers practice zero tillage and permanent soil cover to improve yields

Evelyn Macho walks happily around her eight-acre farm, which is covered with crop residues. The mulch surrounds the young maize and beans […]


Broadcaster how-to guide on audio editing

Audio editing is the process of electronically shortening, deleting, rearranging, or cutting audio into segments. Effective audio editing can help you serve […]


Photo contest for East Africa

Photojournalists and visual storytellers based in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda can enter to win the East African Photography Award. […]