Featured Farmer Stories


Sénégal: Groundnut is like gold for rural women

It’s early afternoon in November, the sun is directly overhead, and overwhelming heat reigns in Kaolack, a city in the heart of […]


Kenya: Table banking schemes help women buy land (IPS)

Eight months ago, Mary Auma and her three children were living in a one-room house in an informal settlement. Ms. Auma’s family […]


Reducing post-harvest losses

Two of this week’s Farmer stories are about entrepreneurs who are processing their harvest. By drying mangoes and making groundnut paste, these […]


Southern African-German Journalists’ Bursary

International Journalists’ Programmes is offering a bursary to six journalists from Southern Africa to work in Germany for two months. The Southern […]


A solar powered radio station broadcasting at the heart of the forest on the initiative of Hope International for Tikar People

One hundred years after the invention of Radio, this technology remains an essential tool in the education of peoples, especially the poor. […]

Using the Talking Book to amplify and widen the reach of extension education in underserved, rural communities

Learning positive agricultural techniques and health practices can reduce poverty, malnutrition, and diseases in developing countries. For millions of rural people, low […]

Lessons learnt on using ICTs to scale agricultural innovations

Despite the well-documented advantages of agricultural innovations, there are significant hurdles for farmers to adopt them, such as: lack of information reaching […]